3 Ideas To Sell Your House That Really Work!

A house is all but bricks and cement if it weren’t for the people living inside it. A house only becomes a home because of the love and memories that the people living inside it share with it.

Generally speaking, buying a house is a long term investment. A couple moves in and starts a new life in the new house and expects to live there the rest of their lives. But the average person moves every 7 to 10 years and sometimes this can be very difficult because of the emotional attachment to the house.

There will be a time when they have to sell their house fast to move to a new area or bigger home to due their growing family or unexpected life event. The pain and financial strain of selling the house can be multiplied when the house of their dreams, the house that they built with utmost love and care is still on the market after 6 months. and nobody wants to purchase it.

Putting the emotions aside, there is a need to analyze the selling process objectively. When you are listing your house for sale , you must ask yourself; Would we buy this house if I was the buyer? What would I look for if I wanted to buy a house in a similar location? What do the other properties in the area look like. You have to be realistic when comparing other properties and not be biased towards the house you have for sale.

There are many real estate sites and forums now days to help you sell a house. There are also many companies that buy houses in all areas of the US today. There are different dynamics at play in the market that contribute to the selling of the house. Several websites are offering services to help you sell the house in a quick manner for a nominal commission.

Ask anyone who has successfully sold a house, it’s not a rocket science, anyone with even a little common sense and some helpful advice can sell a house in a successful manner.

Here Are 3 Ideas That May Help You Sell Your House Faster In Today’s Market

Price Your House Competitively

Life in a big city is never easy. People have to work multiple jobs to get the required funding to buy a house. Most people in cities do not have unlimited resources to spend on houses. Their budget is quite limited. This is why it is absolutely imperative that you list your property at the right price when selling it.

Listing your house at the right price right from the start will get you the most potential buyers through the door. IF you list your house slightly lower than than similar properties in your area, buyers will always want to see your house first. They don’t want to miss out on the nicest house in their price range.

This sometime causes a buying frenzy which can turn into a bidding war for your property. Competition drives prices up. So even though you list slightly below market you could end up getting more than you thought. This is especially true if you are in a hot real estate market and inventory is tight in your area.

Make Sure The House Is Spotlessly Clean, Uncluttered And Bright.

Make sure that the house has an uncluttered and open feel to it for the potential buyers to see. If needed remove any furniture or items that might cause the rooms to look cluttered or smaller than they are. Put the additional items in storage if necessary.

Once you have the house uncluttered make sure to clean the house from floor to ceilings. If you have older rugs have them professionally cleaned and deodorized. Potential buyers want to be able to picture themselves moving right in without having to do anything…especially clean and paint.

If possible put a fresh coat of neutral paint on the interior of the house. This makes it much easier for the potential buyer to picture their furniture and belongings in the house. When most of the rooms and areas are different colors and shades it may be difficult for the potential buyer to imagine their furniture in these rooms. They may be thinking… none of my things will match, ahhh I have to paint when I move in. Make it as easy as possible for them to emotionally fall in love with the house and imagining themselves living in the home. This is how houses get sold, people “fall in love” with them and have to have them.

Give A Little Something Extra

There are many ways you can give a bit of an enticement for potential buyers to pick your house over others. You could offer them a home warranty. This gives the potential buyer peace of mind knowing that if any major repairs are needed in the first year they would be covered by the home warranty. The last thing most new homeowners want is unexpected expenses their first year in the property.

You could offer to pay some of the buyers closing costs or help with the down payment  if this is available in your area. One of the most difficult things for a buyer is to come up with the needed down payment to purchase a new home. So if you were able to help them with this it would make your home that much more attractive to them.

If you are considering listing your house for sale or it has been tough to sell make sure that you have considered these three ideas to help yo sell your house faster.

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