5 Tips To Help Sell A House Fast

In the housing market is somewhat stable selling a house quickly can be easy if you know the right steps to take.

Make the necessary repairs and upgrades needed.

If you want to get top dollar and at the same time sell your house fast then the number one thing is to update your house. Buyers these days are inundated with TV show that show all of the latest trends and designs in housing. If you want to compete with others in your market selling their homes than you are going to have to modernize your house. Kitchens and baths are some of the main upgrades that will be needed.

Search on Zillow for other homes for sale in your area and compare them to your house. You want your house to be just slightly more upgraded the others in your area.

Fresh paint and carpets also can really put the final touches on your house. Make sure to choose neutral colors for the rugs and paint to make it easier for the potential homeowner to see themselves moving in without a bunch of work needed. 

 Price it Right For Your Market

Now if you went ahead and did the needed upgrades you are going to be priced at or near the top of the market  because you invested the money in order to get top dollar out of your house when you sell it. Now the flip side to this is that if your house needs upgrades and repairs and you want to sell your house as is then you will need to price it according to the upgrades and repairs needed.

If the price is high and it needs a lot of repairs potential buyers probably won’t even consider it in their search. But if it is priced correctly depending on the work needed you will have a stampede of buyers show up. Everybody is looking for a great deal these days. In some cases this “buying frenzy” causes people to id up the property well over your asking price. It is sort of like an auction at this point.

So you have to use this to your advantage and you will have offers pouring in. If you need to sell your house fast price it right and be flexible in the negotiations with the buyers.

You never get a second chance at a First impression

When you need to sell fast first impressions can make or break the amount of buyers that want to see the inside of the property. You need to put yourself in the potential buyers shoes when you do a drive by of your house that is for sale.

If the grass is overgrown or the front yard is loaded with debris and junk this is going to deter a lot of potential buyers from even stopping to look at the property. Make sure to keep exterior clean and neat. Buy some potted plants to put out around the front porch to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Trim the bushes and trees, weed the lawns and driveways. I

f the front of the house has peeling paint take the time to scrape and repaint it. You have got to get the potential buyers to stop and come into the property to even have a shot at selling it quickly. a lot of times they will do a drive by and determine if they even want to schedule an appointment to see the house. So keep this in mind when getting your house ready to sell fast.

 Unclutter the Interior Of the House

The next step is to make sure that the house is uncluttered. If you have rooms that are filled with items and furniture it makes it very difficult for the potential buyer to “picture” themselves moving in. It also makes the house look much smaller. Remove all unnecessary items in every room and make sure to keep them neat and orderly in case of an unexpected showing. Open up the floor plan as much as possible.

Let Everyone Know You Are Selling

Selling a house fast requires you get the word out that you are selling you home. You can use social media and post on Facebook or Pinterest. Post a video and pictures of the house so that potential buyers can get an idea of what it looks like. Post on Craigslist for your area.

Another great way to get your property out to potential buyers is to make up some flyers about your house and pass them out to the neighbors. A Lot of times they have a friend or family member that wants to move into the area. This tactic is underutilized but is very good at finding buyers for your property fast.

It really comes down to how much money and time you have to invest back into the property to get the maximum return when you sell. If you do not have either there is a better way to sell your house fast through a local home buying company like Blonde Girl Homebuyers. We buy houses “as is” throughout Jacksonville Florida; so no need to do any repairs or upgrades.

We can give you a fair cash offer for your house and close quickly if needed. If you would like to see our home buying process visit us here for a fast, no obligation offer on your home.

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