How To Avoid A Property Tax Deed Sale In Jacksonville Florida

Every year there are thousands of property owners throughout the Jacksonville area that are unable to pay their property taxes by the due date. The process that follows getting behind on your property taxes is outlined below. If you are faced with this problem do not think it will just go away if you do nothing, this is not the case. It will progress through the stages and eventually you can lose your property to a tax deed sale.

In Duval County in Jacksonville Florida property taxes are due by April 1st of each year. If the taxes are not  paid by this date they become delinquent and the county tax collector will begin the process of a tax certificate sale. A tax certificate is sold at an auction style bidding platform and is sold for all taxes not paid by June 1st.

Once a tax certificate is sold it becomes a tax lien against the property but the purchaser of the tax certificate has no rights to the property. If there are no bidders for the tax certificate at the sale then the county will assume the tax certificate.

Types of Certificates

 Individual and County

Both of these types of certificates follow the same process.

The owner of the property may  redeem the certificate at any time by paying the tax collector the back taxes owed and all of the interest earned on the tax certificate. Tax certificates have a life of seven years.

If the owner of the property does not redeem the tax certificate after a period of 2 years the owner of the certificate may expedite the issue by applying for a tax deed. If the certificate is held by the county the board of county commissioners can apply for the tax deed.

The process of the application begins in the Tax Collectors office once completed it is sent to the Clerks office where they prepare the legal notices, and required newspaper advertising, the process to serve the parties involved and the calculation of what the starting bid will be.

It is important to note that the tax certificate can be redeemed right up until the actual sale of the  tax deed as long as complete payment is made. All redemptions are made at the Duval County Tax Collectors Office.

If the sale of the tax deed takes place the tax deed is sold to the highest bidder and the property owner forfeits all of his/her rights by default. But the owner still has the right to redeem the property until the clerk receives full payment for the tax deed.

Tips To Avoid a Property Tax Deed Sale

If you are faced with a pending tax deed sale of your property you will want to call down to the tax collectors office and determine if there is any type of workout plan available for this situation. See if they offer a payment plan that fits within your budget.

Talk to family members and search online for local and state services or grants that may be able to assist you with the payment of the delinquent taxes. There are agencies that assist people in these situations.

You can try to borrow the money to pay the delinquent taxes and then get on a payment plan with the person that lent you the money.

The third option is that you can file a chapter 13 bankruptcy which in most cases will stop the tax deed sale. This is just for informational purposes you should consult a professional that specializes in these types of  situations to  determine if this is a viable option for you.

Another alternative to this situation is to sell the property to a local reputable home buying company like Blonde Girl Homebuyers located in  Jacksonville Fl.

We are able to purchase properties in any situation or condition. Since we pay cash we can close quickly on the property with no bank financing or contingencies. Keep in mind that you will still need to pay the back property taxes but this will happen out of the proceeds you will receive from the sale of your property. Call us today to get your no obligation cash offer on your property.

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