Can I Sell A House With Mold In As-Is Condition?

A common scenario that we come across here in Jacksonville Fl is that an out of state family member inherits a house in the area that has been vacant for some period of time. Once they are able to finally make the trip to Jacksonville and  visit the property they discover that the roof has been leaking and the air conditioner has not been running for some time.

What they also find is a serious case of mold growth throughout the area where the roof or water fixture has leaked.

Although we know that mold is everywhere and we are exposed to it on a daily basis you might say yea so what! Well if you haven’t heard the news a few  molds are dangerous such as black mold and Chart Arum and can cause serious health issues when exposed to the mold and spores. There have been numerous law suits filed over mold issues found in properties.

Ok so you have a property with mold issues that you need to sell and you want to know how to get a fair price for the property without absorbing the risk or liability that may come with a property that has mold issues.

Attempting to sell a house that has major mold issues should not be taken lightly. Any typical home buyer will run for the hills once they see or hear of any signs of mold in the property.

They know that mold issues can be a huge hassle when trying to purchase a home the conventional way with inspections, abatement and financing approval hurdles. Typical home buyers will generally move on and find another property without having to deal with these issues. .


So Is It Even Possible To Sell A House As-Is With Mold?

Yes it is possible to sell a property that has mold issues but you must disclose everything you know about the issue. If you are in doubt about what or how much you need to disclose to be safe just disclose everything you know about the situation and make sure that the potential buyer gets it in writing and acknowledges they have received it. By doing this it will help alleviate the potential liabilities that come with selling a house with mold.

If you are unsure of the severity or even if there is a mold issue the best thing to do is contact a professional that is experienced in identifying the mold and the types of mold through lab testing.

In  most cases you are going to have to find a cash house buyer for the property as most banks will not lend on properties that have mold issues.

What You Should Look For?

Typically mold will show up as block spots on an outside wall or ceiling. If you notice some darker gray or black areas you are probably noticing the beginning stages of microbial growth and a potential full blown mold problem down the line if it is not rectified immediately.

what mold looks like on ceiling

As you know we live with mold around us everyday usually in airborne spores that float around and search for a nice damp cool place to settle and grow. Mold in small quantities is not a problem but when it finds an ideal breading area and starts to reproduce it can spread quickly and become a serious problem very fast.

Price Adjustment?

Most of the time if a potential buyer discovers mold and is willing to go through the abatement process after the purchase they are going to ask for a much lower purchase price on the property. This will allow for the cleanup and added work to get the property mold free. Most of the time the potential buyer will just rescind the offer and move on to another property.


Steps To Take If You Are Selling And Discover Mold Issues

If you are selling a house and discover mold or really any issue for that matter always make sure to disclose any problems you find to the potential buyers. This is required by law and will really help reduce any problems that may arise after the sale of the property.

In most cases if it is possible the best thing you can do is to tackle the issue head on and fix any problems prior to listing the property for sale. The actual process of re mediating the mold issue can take a good deal of time and will definitely hold up the sale of your property. If your buyers are not in a rush to get in the property this may be an option, but on the other hand if they are eager to buy a house quickly you may lose them in the process.

The first steps you can take is to visually inspect the property for signs of mold that we had discussed earlier. Check the areas where moisture may be present such as a roof leak, around and under bathroom fixtures, basements and crawl spaces. Look for signs of moisture or water damage, this is the most likely areas of microbial growth. .

IF you do discover any leaks or moisture problems repair the sources of the water and moisture first. Remember mold spores search for moisture in order to grow and spread so addressing these problems ASAP is vital to contain mold growth.

Now that you stopped the source of the moisture it is time to take the steps to remove the mold issue. This is not to be performed without taking the proper precautions and procedures for removing mold.

**This should be performed by a licensed mold remediation expert in order to follow all of the proper procedures and precautions to make sure it is done correctly. The professional will also be able to send off sample of the mold to be test to determine the type of mold and concentrations found in the property.

Once the mold remediation has been completed they can then test to make sure the house is free and  within the proper concentrations for mold. Look for a mold remediation company that will warrant their work and guarantee that there will be no future growth once they complete the project.

This may seem like a huge undertaking but it will be well worth it. If you take care of the problem up front you won’t have to worry about this coming back in the future to cause you a great deal of money and aggravation.

OK, But I Really Don’t Want To Deal With This, I Just Want To Sell The House As Is And Be Done With It.

If all of this is just too much to deal with and you just want to sell the property as is and receive a fair cash offer then you would want to call a professional house buying company like Blonde Girl Homebuyers located  in Jacksonville Fl that specializes in buying properties as is (Mold issues included);  We buy houses in any condition or situation. Contact Gracie today for a no obligation fair cash offer on your problem property.

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