Four Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

When starting out purchasing your first home it is mostly about affordability. Not too much thought is put into thinking into the future about the next house you will purchase.

There is so much excitement and possibilities for the future in your new home that people tend to overlook how their family’s needs may change in the future. As your family grows and their needs change comes a time when you have to seriously consider moving to a larger home or better neighborhood. Sometime unexpected life events force you to have to sell or relocate.

You may need to move to be closer to your place of employment or possibly a better school district and even though you have become emotionally attached to the home you’re in you will have to leave all of the great memories behind and start a new series of memories in your new home. This can be a very difficult time full of stress and worry.

You  may have found the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood and has your offer accepted but the real stress sets in if you are not able to sell your house fast that you are currently living in. For whatever reason you just cannot find a buyer for your house.

No matter how much you have cared for your house, no matter how much money you have put in, selling a house is no small task. It takes months, sometimes years to find the right buyer who is willing to pay the right price for your well cared for house.

Most people hire a real estate agent  to sell their house. No matter how nice and well maintained your house is, the real estate agent will usually find some items that need to be taken care of before listing the property for sale. These could be unexpected expenses that you didn’t count on but you know they are needed because your house is not selling.

Four Most Common Reasons Why You Can’t Sell Your House Quickly


Price Is Too High

Since there is so much emotion involved and you know how much money you have spent to update and maintain the house, you tend to set the price a bit higher than the prevailing market rate. Most of the potential buyers normally  have limited budgets because of the prevailing economic conditions.

They typically look into a neighborhood and quickly realize the price range they would want to pay. If you house is priced out of that range it would be off their radar. Make sure that your house is competitively  priced as compared to properties in your neighborhood that are VERY similar. Things to consider are number of bedrooms and baths, recent major upgrades and comparable square footage’s. This is by far one of the main reasons houses do not sell.

You Chose The Wrong Agent To Sell Your House

Although the state of the real estate market can help sell your property it is only one factor and you should not count on the market to do the selling for you.

You most probably hired a real estate agent to assist in the sale of your property although there ways to sell your property without a Realtor.

You are paying an agent a portion of the sales price in order to get the highest price for your home and sell your home fast.

Now if you have hired an agent that does not have a great deal of contacts or experience in the market most probably they will just put your property on the MLS and “hope” that another agent brings them a buyer.

This happens in some cases but you want a Realtor that knows how to market your home through different channels in order to get you maximum exposure thus resulting in many potential buyers. Make sure to ask the agent how they plan on marketing your property other that just listing it on the MLS service. A good agent can make a difference when selling your home fast in Jacksonville FL.

No Curbside Appeal

Whenever a potential buyer drives by or arrives at your house, the first thing they see is the front of the house. If the lawn and gardens are not well maintained the potential buyer is going to pre- judge that the rest of the house must not be well kept.

Although this may not be true you need to draw the buyers into the home so there is the potential for them to see themselves living in the home. If they never make it inside, there never going to make an offer.

Make sure that the exterior of your property is well kept and the house looks inviting from the outside. Plant some flowers or place some arrangements on the front porch to make it look homey and inviting.

One of your main goals is to get the potential buyer into the house to “fall in love with it” and want your house over all others.

Shotty Workmanship and Materials on Upgrades and Renovations

Renovating and upgrading are important factors in selling your house.  Everyone has their own opinion of what type of upgrades they like when it comes to choosing colors, or tile choices.

But one of the main problems is when the upgrades that were done were not completed by professionals in that trade. You’ve seen it before the homeowner that is so proud of their work but the workmanship is terrible.

Potential buyers have seen way to many home renovation shows, they know poor quality work from high quality work. If you have done upgrades to your home but they do not look professional the potential homeowner is thinking that they are going to have to tear out all of the work that was done and re do it to their higher standards and quality.

Take a really good look or be open to your Realtors suggestions about renovations or upgrades that are just not up to par according to today’s standards. They have seen enough and gotten enough feedback from potential buyers to give you a good idea what they did not like.

Although it may be tough to swallow you may have to redo some of the upgrades in order to sell the home.

Keep these four suggestions in mind if your finding it difficult to get your property sold.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to sell your house quickly and don’t want to do any repairs consider calling Jacksonville’s premier home buying company, Blonde Girl Homebuyers. 
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