Home Inspections Can Make It Tough To Quickly Close On A House

A house is more than just bricks and stones arranged together. A house is actually something that means a lot to its residents. People who live and breathe in a house tend to develop feelings and emotions for the house. When a new family moves into the house, it is a new beginning for them. They spend a large amount of time together and experience all the happiness and sorrows while living and growing up together in the house.  That creates a very strong bond between the house and the residents.

For anyone who has ever owned a house, a time comes when they have to decide if they want to move into a new home in a a new neighborhood. The tough decision comes when they need to decide if they want to leave behind all the memories and emotions that they have attached to their existing  house. the emotional pain can get  aggravated when they find that their house is not getting a reasonable offer or it is just not noticed by potential  buyers.

If this has been the situation and you finally find a cash house  buyer that is interested and willing to go ahead with the purchase  one of the obstacles that needs to be overcome in order to buy your new home is the home inspection.

There are not a lot of things in this world that you can almost be certain of in life. But one of the few things that has a high probability of certainty is that their are going to be some repairs and for sure recommendations on the home inspection report. You can almost be certain to be given a report that your house is missing something or something needs to be replaced or something is causing danger to the people living in it.

But the fault isn’t always in the house. Sometimes I believe that the inspectors job is to find issues in order to make the person who hired them feel like they got their money’s worth. Imagine paying $300 – $500 for a home inspector and  they don’t find anything wrong…

In some situations a potential buyer may decide to not go ahead with the purchase after getting the home inspection report but when you need to quickly sell your house there are house investors and you can see how their home buying  process works as opposed to a traditional sale. . Although there are many time where a home inspector has saved the potential buyer thousands of dollars you need to realize that no house is perfect. They are all going to have some flaws.

Following are some of the items to really take note of in an inspection report.


Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicon mineral that was used in the roofing until not so long ago, and it is an inspection nightmare for the house owners. Asbestos is not dangerous to health if it is properly managed and covered. But as soon as the house inspector lays eyes on the asbestos, they declare it unsafe and deemed to be removed.

Radon problem

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive carcinogenic which usually builds up in the basement of the house. with the air tight construction  of houses nowadays, there is a chance that this gas can crawl up to the house. Radon levels above 4.0 picocuries per litre call for the installation of an active remediation system. If your house has this problem, you need to fix it before you can sell it. It calls for a protection system which can be fairly expensive.

Buried oil tank in the foundation

Most houses built between 1930 and 1990 depending on your geographical location are suspected to have something buried beneath its foundation. For the adventurous minds, it’s not treasure. It’s an oil tank and the seller needs to remove it and get it disposed of properly. If there indeed was a tank, the seller needs to show the paperwork involved in removing the tank safely. If the same is not done, it can cost the seller a lot of money especially if the ground water has been affected by the leaking oil.

Uncovered wiring

This is a dangerous flaw that can result in damage to both humans and property many of the fires that destroy a perfectly good house are the result of an electric short circuit which is mostly because of mis-wired, exposed or damaged wiring. Most of the time, the buyer wants to monitor the repair work himself to control the quality of the work. The price of the repairs is usually added to the price of the house.

Structural shortcomings

A house on the surface may look as strong as a tank. It could appear to withstand a type 3 tornado. But the bones or the foundation of the home must be solid.  Most buyers will want to renovate the house to their own taste. But if their is a foundation or structural issue found in the home inspection there is a high likelihood that the deal to sell the house will be cancelled.

If you have run into this situation in Jacksonville Fl where a home inspection has caused your potential buyer to not go through with the purchase of your house and  you want to sell your home “as is”  then you’ll want to watch this video for more information.

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