A Bit About Jacksonville Florida’s Discovery

Jacksonville is considered one of  the large cities in the United States of America. It is found in the state of Florida. It lies on a total surface area of land mass of 2265 square kilometers. Of this total surface area, 1935 square kilometers is land mass while the water body mass is 330 square kilometers. It has a large percentage of water body as part of it.

The elevation of Jackson is at 5 meters above sea level. Geographically, it is located on 30 degrees 20’N 81 degrees 39’W of the longitudes and latitudes. This city is mostly centered on the banks of St John’s River and 40 kilometer south of Georgia and approximately 550 kilometers north of Miami. There are Jacksonville beaches communities which are located along the Atlantic coast which is adjacent to it.


Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in the United States of America. It is found in Florida. It is the county seat of a county called Duval.

In 2500BC some fragments of pottery were found and discovered by a research team from the University of North Florida. The likely original name of Jacksonville was Ossachitte.

Timucua people, a coastal group, were the likely first inhabitants of this area which later came to be known as Jacksonville.

The Europeans who first arrived in the area established the first European settlement which was called Fort Caroline. It was on the St John’s River.

Later on, a Spanish force which was their neighbors attacked them and killed almost all the French soldiers who were defending this settlement. A construction of the fort was thus established at the St John’s River.

The British constructed a road connecting St. Augustine to Georgia. The road was named King’s Road. Cattle were brought across the river at a point where the road narrowly joined to St John’s River. T

his joint was called Cow Ford. The Britons introduced agricultural products making the region to grow economically more than when it was inhabited by the Spanish.

As a result of this, the population experienced a steady increase. The Americans who were staying on the northern side of Cow Ford decided to organize themselves and formed a city. They gave this city the name Jacksonville naming it after Andrew Jackson.

Jacksonville was a key point in the supply of cattle during the American civil war. These were being transported from Florida by ship. During this war, the leadership changed hands amongst union and confederate forces.

Because of these frequent changes and war the city was disorganized from the original plan and it therefore needed reorganization.

As the city was restructuring after the war, it became a popular resort over the winter for the rich, popular and famous personalities.

This slowly graduated to a popular tourism center that was accessible by road and water. Steam boats and rails alike were used to transport tourists to this location. Up to date, it is a major tourist destination for both locals and foreigners alike.

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