Jax Property Buyer Makes Selling Your House Stress Free

Continue reading below to see how our home buying process works and how easy it really can be to sell your house in Jacksonville Fl.

Chances are if you found this post you’re probably searching for an alternate way or a hassle-free way to sell your property. I just want to let you know we buy properties in any situation, in any condition. So we bought properties from people that had just a pristine house you know, was in excellent condition but they did not want to take the route of listing with a realtor and you know going through the hassles of showings and people coming through their house. And we’ve also bought houses that you know were condemned by the city that just needed thousands and thousands of dollars of work. So you know whatever the situation is or whatever the condition of the property we buy it.

How Our Home Buying Process Works

So letting you know that I just want to run you through the process of how easy and you know how hassle-free it actually can be and initially it usually starts with either going to our website BG home solutions.com or just making the initial call and talking to somebody here at the office.

There’s no pressure, there’s never any obligation and basically we just take some general information about the property you know really the condition and we learn a little bit more about your situation, to see if it’s something you know we may be able to help you out with. So once we have that information we typically go to Jacksonville public records, maybe get the rest of the information as far as square footage, bedrooms, baths you know the way the house is constructed.

Once we have all this information together we’ll give you a call back. We’ll go through everything we found, we’ll kind of run you through maybe a couple solutions that we’ll be able to help you with and if you know, you feel like they’ll work for you or one of them possibly may work for you.

Quick Visit To The Property

The next step that we’ll normally take is just schedule a quick appointment to come out to your property. Do a quick walk through, just to verify that the upgrades and the repairs that need to be done and learn some more about your situation.

At that point what we can do is sit down and go through everything we’ve found and actually give you a price to buy your property for cash in writing at that time.

If you agree to it, its super simple, we can typically close on the date of your choice, really sometimes as fast as 10 to 14 days. Typically it can be a little bit longer up 30 days. So that’s really the process once you approve the paperwork and everything’s done. That’s really it,  we take care of everything from there on out.

Your Move Can Be Stress Free With our EZ Move Program

If you need to possibly stay in the property for a couple weeks while you make the transition to your new house that’s definitely doable. We have what’s called the easy move program and basically we’ll close on the property, you’ll be able to get a large portion of funds from the property in order for you know move on to your new residence or secure your new residence.

Then you have a couple weeks in the property to actually make the move. So it’s not as stressful. We found it’s been very stressful for people to try to you know sell their property, find a place to live and typically they need the money you know from the sale of their property to secure the new place.

So that’s really it. It is really that simple and like I said there’s never any obligation or pressure. It’s just another option or another avenue that you can look into to see if it may work for you,  if it doesn’t work that’s fine, maybe we can point you in the right direction and help you in some way that maybe you weren’t thinking of.

So if you’re in any situation where you’re consider selling your property, just give us a call at 904 712 3300. We are a local home buying company right here in Jacksonville. We’ll contact you and run through the process and it may be something that works for you. Hopefully we can help you out. Thanks a lot.




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