How To Prevent Squatters From Taking Over Your Vacant Property

If you are have a vacant property that you need to sell make sure to secure the property from squatters; if you don’t it could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

If your a property owner never overlook that preventing and removing squatters are important points to remember because it is a lot easier to prevent a squatter than remove them from your property. It can be a long, aggravating ordeal that you will want to avoid at all costs.

 Keep these things in mind if you have a vacant property that you need to sell.

Depending on the area that the property is located in you will want to try and avoid leaving a property vacant for an extended period of time while you are listing it for sale or rent. You can put a temporary renter in there or sometimes even a close friend or family member would be willing to stay at the property until you are able to sell it. If you want an easy solution to selling your vacant house fast call a we buy houses company located in the area.

If this is not an option make sure to visit the property frequently. Let people know that you are around and that you regularly check up on the property. Keep the landscaping trimmed and neat, clean up any old papers or flyers. A sure sign that a property is vacant is high grass and old newspapers flowing out of the mailbox.

Notify the neighbors that the house will be vacant while you are trying to sell it. Make sure that they have your contact information in case of any suspicious activity to call you. If possible have them walk around the property every week or two to make sure there are no broken windows and the house is secure.

This one is overlook quite often but make sure that you change the locks to all of the doors. If it was a rental or you inherited the house you never know who has a key or where all of the keys to the property are. If some gains access with a key it may make it more difficult to remove them for trespassing. If there are signs of forced entry, it will be considered forced entry and the police can usually remove them for you.

Make sure that all of the windows have some sort of window coverings like blinds or drapes. Try to avoid using sheets or towels. Make it look like someone actually lives there. this will also keep people from looking into the property for signs of vacancy.

“Nine times out of 10, you’re dealing with a reasonable person who understands,” said Ivan Lenoir, a Tampa lawyer who specializes in evictions. “On occasion, you get people who don’t.”

Some security precautions you can take are to install motion sensor lights or put them on a timer. When dusk rolls in the lights can be automatically turned on. It is also a good idea to install some timers on the interior lighting. Maybe light up the living room from dusk until 10pm and then the bedroom from 10pm to 12pm giving the illusion that someone is living in the property.

Placing Beware Of Dog signs and Smile Your On Camera Signs may help in preventing squatters from  using your vacant house as refuge.

One of the most common ways squatters end up in your property is that the tenants that were renting the property bring unauthorized people in without your knowledge and then the tenants end up skipping town and leaving the unauthorized people in the property to become squatters. This is an unexpected life event but it can be prevented with these simple steps.

Prevent this situation from happening by doing a very good tenant screening with reference checks. Periodically check your properties unannounced to see if there are any additional occupants or cars at your property. If this is a regular occurrence it could be a recipe for the above scenario.

Do not take the possibility of squatters hunkering down in your vacant property lightly. There are dozens of websites dedicated to educating people on so called “squatters rights” and how to be a squatter legally. I have also heard of people creating guides for squatters to help these people take over your property and you having to pay attorneys and court costs to have them removed, not to mention all of the lost rent from the property.

In some of the vacant houses I have come across the squatters do considerable damage also.

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