Can I Sell A House With Tenants In Florida?

If you are considering selling a house with a tenant in Florida and going the conventional route, it may be a challenge.

When deciding to sell your house tenant occupied and listing with a Realtor or selling it on your own the tenant can sometimes make it difficult to get the buyers through to show the property.

If you have been a really good landlord and the tenants like the way you do business they can become fearful that the new buyer will not be as professional or worst yet that they may have plans to move them out once they purchase your rental property.

“Whatever the reason, it is your property, so you can sell it any time you wish. However, when you have tenants, the process involves some extra steps depending on the type of lease or agreement they possess. 


Tips On Getting Tenants To Cooperate When Selling A House

If the potential buyer plans on keeping the tenants after the sale it is a good idea to let the tenants know that the leases will stay in place and they are not going to be asked to move before their lease term is up. This is the first step in making them feel more comfortable in accommodating showings of the property.

One of the other areas to consider is setting up set days when you will show the property. This way the tenant is not surprised when you call and tell them the agent is coming over to show the rental property. If you set aside two days and time frames they will know in advance and can have the house neat and orderly for your potential buyer on the scheduled showing days.

When selling your rental property you will want your tenants on your side during the sales process. Make sure to work with them and ask them what would make the sale less stressful for them. You can also offer an incentive for the tenant to “show the place” for you. With some incentive like a cash bonus for helping sell the property they will be a lot more likely to be accommodating and helpful when the potential buyers walk through the house.


What If My Tenants Do Not Cooperate With Me When I Am Selling My Rental Property?

Because you are the owner of the property and the landlord it is your right to sell the property to whoever you want to. Remember if you have a lease agreement in place it will need to be transferred to the new owner and remain in place for the full term of the lease.

On most typical rental leases it states that you must give 24 hours notice to enter the leased property. So you would have to keep this in mind when arranging to show the property. The only variable here is that if the tenant is not working with you may find a mess when you do get into the property. This could negatively impact the price you are looking to sell the property for.  Tenant must be reasonable and allow you to access the property. Your best bet is to get them on your side as soon as possible to help with the  sale.

What Can I Do If I Do Not Have  A Rental Lease Agreement With The Tenant?

If there is not written, signed rental agreement in place you can assume that the lease is on a month to month basis. If this is the situation in most cases you must give 30 days written notice to your tenants notifying them that they must vacate the property.

Keep this in mind so that your tenants are gone before your new buyer closes on the house. In some cases if you tenants have been occupying the property for more than a year you may need to give 60 days notice. Check with a local real estate attorney in your area to determine of this is the case.

One of the best ways to get a tenant to move out of your rental property is to give them some incentive to move. This can be helping them find a new rental home through your connections or helping them with their  down payment on a new place. We all know cash is king, so a cash bonus for leaving by a certain date is a great incentive.

There IS  An Easier Way To Sell Your Rental Property?

Dealing with difficult tenants can be stressful and it can even be more difficult when you are trying to sell the rental property and rid yourself of the problems of bad tenants. The faster you can get the property under contract and sold the sooner you can put your problem tenants behind you and move on with your life.

That’s why selling your rental property the conventional way through a Realtor can be difficult. There can be many obstacles that the tenet puts up in order to make the sale difficult.  If it gets to the point where the tenant is so angry that they take it out on the property this can spell trouble for the sale. They can do a lot of damage on their way out leaving you to mop up the mess and get the house sold.

If you’re dealing with problem tenets and want to sell your rental property give Gracie a Call at Blonde Girl Homebuyers office in Jacksonville. We are a home buying company that will buy your house with the tenants in place. We will give you a fair cash offer for your property and can close fast if needed. Take the hassle and stress out of selling your rental property.

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