How To Sell An Inherited House In Jacksonville Fl With Family Members Occupying It.

4 Tips To Handle Family Members Who Are Living For Free In Your Inherited Jacksonville House

Christine had had enough… A little over a year ago she inherited a house in Jacksonville Fl from her sister who had passed. Christine was at her wits end with what to do with the property.

You see Christine’s niece was living in the house. Her niece had not paid any rent since she had inherited it and she was not maintaining the house at all.

The house was overrun with cats and dogs that were allowed to relive themselves wherever they pleased. On top of that she would get constant calls from the neighbors about the dogs barking at all hours of the day and night.

Christine tried several times to collect rent and nicely ask her to move out, but her niece just ignored the requests as if she were entitled to be living for free.

“If your state’s laws classify the family member as a tenant or licensee, your next step is to prepare for an eviction, or unlawful detainer action. Before you can file suit, you must first serve your family member or friend with a notice to vacate (or notice to quit) the premises. This is a more formal way of asking the person to leave your home. The notice must be given before the suit is filed. In some states this notice can be for as little as 3 days prior, in others, as much as 30 days”

Meanwhile Christine struggled every month to pay the additional ongoing costs with the house. It got to the point where the niece would actually call and request repairs to be done to the property.

If you are facing a situation similar to this, understand that this is very common. At Blonde Girl Homebuyers we come across these situations where family members are living for free and we understand what a difficult position the person that  inherited the house is put in. .

Typically your going to get stuck with all of the expenses of the property. You end up paying the insurance, taxes and in a lot of cases we see people even paying the maintenance and repair costs just to keep it from getting to far out of disrepair. Each month these expenses go up and you get more and more frustrated with the people living for free in your inherited Jacksonville house.

Here are 4 tips that may be able to help you with your situation.

Tip  #1. Track All Of The Cost.

Make a list of all of the expenses you are incurring each month for your inherited house. Tally up the bills, taxes, insurance and general upkeep. Don’t forget to add in the aggravation factor and all of your lost time dealing with this house you inherited in Jacksonville Florida. Don’t discount the value of this time and energy, this is time you could be spending with your family and friends or enjoying a hobby, or just relaxing.

Tip  #2. Now It’s Time For A Family Meeting

Call  a family meeting with everyone living in the property and let them know how much you are paying each and every month for them to live in this property. Share your list of expenses with them and let them know that cannot keep paying these costs every month. Give them the ultimatum that unless they pick up these expenses and start paying them every month that you will be forced to sell the house.  Give them a deadline to make a decision to decide if they are able to take over these expenses. If you don’t they will string you out for months.

Here are a few options to propose:

  • Have the people living in the house agree to certain repair and maintenance items. (Lawn mowing, small repairs under $150, etc).
  • If you find multiple people occupying the house as each how much they can pay on a monthly basis and hold them to it.
  • Let them know that you are putting the utilities in their names and they will be responsible for paying them…If they don’t pay well you know what happens:)

In some situations you may want to consider not asking them “to pay rent” ”. Instead, let you family members know that you need help paying these bills every month. These are expenses that you cannot afford to pay and it is causing you stress and financial difficulties.  “Asking for rent” may make the situation worse because for some reason they believe that they are entitled to live for free. So asking for help makes it seem like you are all working together towards a fair resolution to this inherited house problem. .

 Tip  #3. Make It Really Simple For Them To Pay The Expenses

Maybe the people occupying the house had all intentions of paying but for some reason they just forget each month, maybe they don’t know where to send the payments too. Make it easy by giving them a stack of pre-written, pre-stamped envelopes to put their payment in each month. Or they can just write you 6 post dated checks for the next 6 months that you will deposit on the that date. You can also send them reminder texts and emails. In the email you can send them a Pay Pal link to also make their payment. There may be some fees associated but at least you are getting something to help you out each month.

Tip  #4. Follow-Up With Some Tough Love

If your family members fail to come through on their promises and help you out financially with the  inherited house that their living in then you have to follow through with the consequences. If they know that you’re not going to do anything when they miss a payment then they are going opt continue doing it. At this point you become the enabler and are only making the situation worse. They may need some tough love and have to face the consequences of not coming through on their end. you have to decide what that is but make sure you follow through on it… Even if that means selling the house.

Is There An Alternative Solution To Selling An Inherited House In Jacksonville Occupied By Family Member?


Yes there absolutely is!  If you don’t really want to deal with the family members that have taken over you inherited property. We know this can be a very touchy situation and can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety just thinking about it, not to mention the additional financial burden it places on you. Family members can be some of the most difficult people to deal with in these situations. If you made the decision that the best option is to sell the property and you know these is no way you could get their cooperation to list it with a Realtor then Blonde Girl Homebuyers in Jacksonville Florida may be your solution. Consider this:

Getting their cooperation in order to sell through a real estate agent may be extremely difficult. They will conveniently miss appointments and then the house will be a disaster when potential buyers are able to see it. The new buyers are going to want it vacant at closing. You may have to evict your family members which can make future family gatherings very unpleasant. .

A better option is to sell your inherited Jacksonville property to a professional house buying company. These companies do not want to list your house like a real estate agent would, a house-buying firm wants to buy your house, no matter what the situation or condition is.

We have bough many houses through out the Jacksonville area with these exact situations and one of the things that sellers tell us is that they just could not evict the occupants. The great thing is we buy the house with the family members in it and we take care of the eviction if necessary. This takes the stress, guilt and blame off of you and places it square on our shoulders.

That way, you can maintain the peace in your family by letting them know you had to do it because it is too much of a financial and emotional burden for you.

At Blonde Girl Homebuyers we are experienced  in buying houses in Jacksonville that have been inherited and have family members and/or “friends” living in the property.

Over the years in dealing with these types of emotionally charged and highly sensitive situations we developed a process to make it hassle free for you. Our highly trained house buyers would be happy to take care of this situation for you, without involving you at all.

So if your ready to move on with your life and put this stressful situation behind you and you have really had it with these family members just contact us by clicking here and entering your information into the form or just call or text us at 904-712-3300 and tell us a bit about your situation and we would be happy to discuss your options with you.

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