Before we get into the tips I want to address the subject of personal representative or executor of the will to successfully  process or sell the property after a death of a loved one or a dear friend.

The personal representative or executor has to be appointed legally to complete most of the items that will need to be done, so if  the person does not have that document than I strongly recommend that you get that right away from your attorney.

Locate the Will

If there’s a will there’s a way and what I mean by that is locate the will. If a will exists it’s an easy probate process here in Florida  and probably very low cost,  if the will does not exist the process it can become highly  complicated and very costly to  identify home liabilities.

Collect Home Documents

Collecting home documents related to the properties  such as permits if there was  construction or improvements made such as a new roof or AC system. If the property has a well and septic system these are great documents to have on hand for a prospective buyer and the potential sale of the property.

Determine Personal Property Distribution

When it comes to siblings and material items or money  I know from personal  experience that even the most wonderful families can descend into vicious conflict when it comes to distribution  of the material items. One good suggestion we have is using  colored dots to identify items and  assignments to various siblings of  family members and/or actually holding  an internal auction. Most of the conflicts always occur  over the  valuable items. It is also a good idea to set a time frame when these items will be removed from the house. This becomes a problem when you are ready to put the house up for sale and items are still not removed.

Marketing The Property

If you made it this far in the process her are a few tips that will help you get the best price and sell your inherited property quickly.


If the picket  fence is the only thing between the home  and an eight-lane interstate you know  you’re not going to get top dollar. Consider the location and determine if there are any similar houses with the same general location as the property you are selling.

Remove Old Worn Out Appliances

Avocado appliances are outdated and if they’re still in the property that could impact the price when it comes to price. People usually don’t mind looking past some cosmetic issues but if the appliances are outdated, dirty and not working property you may want to have them removed.

Price The Property Correctly For A Quick Sale

If the average market value in the area where your property is located is three  hundred thousand dollars and you want to  get four hundred thousand dollars well  it’s possible all you have to do is wait  ten years and the  property will go up in value. Now  conversely if you want to get rid of the  property yesterday you can lower the price from three hundred to two hundred and I’m sure you’ll find a cash offer right  away.  You need to understand that price and time  have a direct correlation. Sell Fast = Reduce Price. Top Dollar = Time on market.

Staging The Property

Statistically in the industry we  know that staging can add three thousand  four thousand dollars to the price of a  home. We highly recommend that especially when the house is empty and in very good condition. Professional staging company really know how to stage the house to make it look the most appealing to the largest number of buyers.

Marketing The Property

You may want to consider hiring a professional photographer in order to do a walk through video tour and professional pictures of the property.  Over 80%  of all home buyers these days are starting their  home search online.  Professional video will help the potential buyers get a great feel for the property and pick up the phone to schedule a showing.

If you are searching for an easier way to sell your inherited property in Jacksonville you may want to consider giving us a call. We buy houses in any condition, you can take whatever items you want and leave the rest behind. You don’t have to go through the hassles of listing the property with an agent, scheduling showings and dealing with buyer demands. We make the process simple and hassle free.

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